About The Friends of Black Rock House Inc.

Incorporation number: A0041079Y
ABN: 82 817 365 842

The Friends of Black Rock House Inc. formed in 1979. It is a volunteer organisation assisting and supporting the Bayside City Council in:

Black Rock House

  • sharing Black Rock House with visitors, promoting its history and architecture
  • offering community events at Black Rock House
  • operating a volunteer program including weekend and pre-arranged group guided tours, collection cataloguing, arranging community events at the house, and collecting information on its history
  • maintaining and preserving the historic house for the enjoyment of future generations.

Committee of Management 2017-18


Carolyn Brown

Minutes Secretary:

Sandra Collins


Debbie Gruneklee


Gudrun Gawantka

 Rosters: Eryl Harris

Jayne Richardson

 Publicity: Tracey Scharenguivel
 Web Content Administrator (Ex Officio)

Leanne Geothel (nee Cutler)


Life Members

Shirley Bean OAM

Ruth Ewart

Lesley Falloon OAM

Anne and Dolph Slykhuis

Val Witchell

Cheryl Threadgold OAM

Hebe Boyd (dec.)

Helen Byrne (dec.)

Ernest Byrne (dec.)

May Scullin (dec.)

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